How to Boost Shopping Cart Conversions for a Successful Ecommerce Website [INFOGRAPHIC]

As anyone who has created an ecommerce website knows, detail is of the utmost importance. Choosing the right software package is crucial for keeping the attention of visitors, and using the right theme can make a particular site more likely to lead to sales. In addition, those who run these websites take time to ensure that all products are easy to find and that product descriptions are written in a manner that entices users. However, many neglect to take steps to optimize the checkout procedure. Here are a few of the ways in which an optimized checkout procedure can boost sales on ecommerce website.

Avoid frustration

Especially slow checkout procedures can leave visitors feeling incredibly frustrated. Further, these delays often cause customers to start clicking elsewhere, which can disrupt the process. It is not uncommon for customers to simply leave the website and never come back after dealing with the a frustrating checkout. This deprives the owner of the website of a sale, and it also may lead to the loss of a potential repeat customer. Any reports of frustrating checkout procedure should be taken seriously and fixed promptly.

What Influences a Purchase Decision

Quick sales are more likely to stick

As all salesmen know, those who take time to think about purchasing a particular product will often change their mind. This is true on the Internet as well, and those who give their customers extra time to think may lose out on potential sales. An optimized checkout procedure should function quickly, but it should also involve as few clicks as possible. Each extra page gives a customer an opportunity to back out, and on optimized checkout procedures can lead to a significant drop in the number of sales over time. Optimization is crucial for keeping as many purchases as possible.

Demonstrate professionalism

Those who purchase products online want to know that they are buying from professionals. While most who to run ecommerce websites know how to avoid poor themes and other potential distractions, many fail to take steps to optimize the checkout procedure. Those who are able to demonstrate a level of professionalism are more likely to gain repeat customers, and people who purchase products online may be reluctant to recommend a website that seems to be in some way unprofessional. Instead of viewing checkout optimization in terms of sales, it can also be viewed in terms of creating a positive image in the minds of customers.

Subconscious effects

Not all choices people make in terms of business are solely guided by conscious decisions. In fact, many experts have proposed that the subconscious effects of shopping have a greater impact than the conscious effects. A quick, easy checkout procedure will likely leave a positive subconscious impression on visitors, which may encourage them to come back in the future instead of considering other options.

Ecommerce continues to thrive, and those who are able to develop strong ecommerce websites stand to reap the benefits of this increasing popularity. However, there are a number of pitfalls that website developers must avoid, and some of these pitfalls can be difficult to detect. By spending some time focusing on the checkout procedure and doing all that is possible to optimize it, it may be possible to avoid losing customers and gaining a reputation for being unprofessional. By looking at other checkout procedures and taking steps to replicate them, it is possible to develop great checkout procedures that will leave a positive impression in the mind of visitors and encourage them to come back in the future.


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