BigCommerce vs 3dcart: Which Is the Better Enterprise Solution?

BigCommerce Enterprise Is the Hands down Winner. Here's Why.

BigCommerce and 3dcart are two of the best ecommerce solutions for enterprise businesses.

They both offer unlimited storage, products, and bandwidth. They both offer 24/7 support. They both offer easy data migration from other ecommerce providers like Shopify and Magento. Neither charges transaction fees.

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But the question remains: Which of these providers is the better value?

Let's take a look at some of the most important factors.

3dcart Takes Point with Price

3dcart has a longstanding reputation for offering one of the best values in ecommerce, and their enterprise plan is no exception.

Plans start at $999 per month with an initial $299 setup fee.

Rates may vary depending on your:

  • Number of visitors

  • Number of products

  • Annual revenue

Most customers, though, will find themselves on the lower end of the payment spectrum. With BigCommerce, the rates tend to be a bit higher. While there’s no precise data, it’s not uncommon for Enterprise customers to pay $1,500 per month or more for full access to Enterprise. What’s more, some of the more high-end SSL and fraud detection features cost extra. BigCommerce offers an incredible range of features that you won’t find anywhere else, but it’s definitely not the budget option.

Winner: 3dcart

Explore hundreds of apps with 3dcart


BigCommerce is King of Security

3dcart and BigCommerce both offer top-notch security.

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll receive:

  • 24-hour fraud monitoring

  • Advanced DDoS protection

  • Level 1 PCI-compliant hosting

  • Site-wide HTTPS

  • Optional 3rd-party SSL

  • A range of 3rd-party encryption apps

BigCommerce has at least one specific competitive edge, though. The company offers fraud detection software by Sift Science, an industry leader. This is the same fraud tool that’s trusted by companies like Airbnb and Kickstarter. It uses leading-edge machine learning techniques to detect and prevent even the most sophisticated fraud. For that reason alone, we have to give it to BigCommerce.

Winner: BigCommerce

3dcart Is All About Making Things Easy

BigCommerce promises 50% less startup time, and it’s absolutely true that they make setup a breeze.

Once you get beyond that initial setup, though, 3dcart has the edge. The cool thing about 3dcart is that they let you build massive, fully functional online stores using the same drag-and-drop website builder that their entry-level customers enjoy.

With BigCommerce, you still have access to a drag-and-drop editor, but it’s much bigger and more powerful. This may intimidate some novice users. Also, it’s easy to get lost in the many menus and commands. For example, if you want to move a category description below your product images, you have to access an unrelated menu, create a banner, and then assign it to the appropriate page.

BigCommerce will feel more comfortable if you have a bit of front-end development experience.

Winner: 3dcart

BigCommerce Owns App Integration

Third-party apps allow you to truly customize your store. By downloading a single piece of software, you can enhance your design, streamline your checkout process, and even improve your Google rankings. BigCommerce and 3dcart both offer a fully stocked app store, but BigCommerce has a much richer selection. Choose from among thousands of high-quality apps, all of which are submitted by official BigCommerce partners and subject to approval. 3dcart maintains less oversight of the apps in their marketplace.

Winner: BigCommerce

BigCommerce has a rich selection of app integrations

Reliability Is Essential, So Rely on Bigcommerce 

BigCommerce and 3dcart both guarantee 99.99% uptime; this alone makes them industry leaders for reliability. BigCommerce is widely known for having faster load times, though. In fact, BigCommerce pages load in an average of two seconds .This is an important factor as even a one-second load delay can reduce conversions by as much as 7%. The company has invested millions in their speed-optimized front-end framework, and it shows. In addition, BigCommerce is uniquely equipped to handle large traffic spikes. During Cyber Week, the company consistently maintains 100% uptime.

Winner: BigCommerce

The Bottom Line - You Can't Go Wrong with BigCommerce

Whether you choose BigCommerce or 3dcart, you can be sure that your online store is in excellent hands.

3dcart is a fantastic budget option that anyone can use with no technical experience. For the serious enterprise business, we have to give our highest recommendation to BigCommerce. The platform is as powerful as it gets, offering top-notch security and the best selection of apps in the business. It’s fully scalable, and you can count on it to stay up and running regardless of traffic fluctuations. It’s simply a powerhouse like no other.

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